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Customer Referral Blue Cross

Dear Fellow Meeting Planner:

Among my responsibilities here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota are the various meetings and forums we conduct for the nearly 3,000 independent agents appointed to sell our plans throughout Minnesota. It is critical to me to have our events run smoothly, with the maximum positive effect for Blue Cross.

This leads me to take the opportunity to offer a very important recommendation . . . that of a vendor to meet your specialized audio & video needs. I heartily and enthusiastically recommend WNAV, Inc.

Mark Stowman and the WNAV staff have supplied Blue Cross with A/V services for nearly five years. They can meet everything from basic sound amplification needs to full-blown, convention-size sound, lighting, video, computer and satellite uplink technology requirements. They are very familiar with all the major convention venues around the Twin Cities and (perhaps more importantly) the idiosyncrasies of each site.

WNAV works closely with its clients to ensure all their needs are met, and serves as a valuable information resource in the production process. Their staff is always thorough, courteous and professional. Their equipment is state of the art, and their rates are more than reasonable. In short, they spend a lot of time making me look good!

I hope you and your colleagues will give serious consideration to WNAV for the production of all your future events. Thank you!


Doug Franzen,
Agency Relations

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